Waterproof Render - Self-Levelling
Waterproofing Render - Self-Levelling is a stringently formulated, two component reinforced waterproof render with natural re-levelling characteristics. Carefully graded washed silica’s, cement, product control additives, and polyester reinforcing are blended to provide a uniform powder ready to mix on site.
The product is supplied in dry form along with a 2.5 litre bottle of wet mix, packaged in a 20 litre plastic drum, ready for on site mixing with fresh clean water to the desired viscosity. The subsequent mortar paste, once layed dry, produces a hard pack substrate with minimal drying shrinkage, that exhibits outstanding adhesion to most clean dry surfaces.
The product is extremely hard wearing, chemical resistant and demonstrates a strong impact resistance even at films as low as 1mm thick.

Suitable Substrates:
Waterproofing Render - Self-Levelling is a specialty formulation, designed specifically for the applicator to simplify straight off steel-trowel waterproof repairs to imperfections on the surface of concrete, clay, timber, fibro, steel, polystyrene and many other substrates.