Uretec-R - Non Skid
Uretec-R Non Skid has all of the normal performance of Uretec-R except it is a non-skid finish. Although the finish looks like a low sheen finish because of the non-skid aggregate it is actually a full gloss product that will provide good dirt pick-up resistance, chemical resistance and washing properties on flooring applications.
The product is supplied ready for use and should not be thinned. The product must be applied with a foam roller in the same manner that of a roll on texture (Applied in parallel strips, then cross hatched and finally tipped off in the same direction).

Suitable Substrates:
The product can be used on most construction surfaces and some of the principal areas include:
Industrial Flooring.
Hotel walk ways entrances and stairs that are exposed
to water requiring non skid surface for safety.

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