Ultimate Series - Acrylic Primer Undercoat GOLD LABEL
An ULTRA premium, heavy bodied interior and exterior mica based acrylic primer/undercoat. Provides a strongly adhered high opacity base coat that is the perfect surface for most acrylic and enamel top coats.
The product is flexible and has excellent filling, sanding and gloss hold out properties. With Astecís Unique Non-Splatter Acrylic Technologies, the product provides excellent ease in application which results in a smooth, and uniform cover.
Ideal prep-coat for under water and solvent based
finishing coats.

Suitable Substrates:
Interior, paper faced boards, plaster, fibrous plaster, cement sheet, masonry and brick. ( M.D.F.), Customwood, Craftwood correctly primed Timber and Steel. Do not use this product for any other purpose than as specified by our literature.

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