Ure-plex is a single component polyurethane waterproofing membrane that creates an elastomeric waterproofing system. The film is very flexible, highly elastic, yellow in colour and will not bleed through or stain porous overlaid materials such as marble or natural stone. It provides excellent resistance to chemicals, is non re-emulsifying, features excellent workability and comes ready to use with no mixing required.
Ure-plex is suitable for waterproofing internal wet areas including shower recess bases (membrane forms a shower tray) and associated floors and walls. The membrane can be used to waterproof concrete, cement render brick and block work, fibre reinforced cement sheeting, water resistant plasterboard, and plywood or particleboard flooring. The membrane cures in 24 hours @ 25C (longer in lower temperatures), has tenacious bond strength to virtually all common building substrates, and can be overlaid with ceramic or clay tiles, slate, stone and many other hard wearing floor surfaces.

Suitable Substrates:
Cement Render Brick And Block Work.
Fibre Reinforced Cement Sheeting.
Water Resistant Plaster Board.
Particle Board Flooring.

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