Tile Sealer
Tile Sealer is a blend of fine sized particles of pure acrylic resins specially formulated as a penetrating sealer/binder that is applied to freshly cleaned concrete roofing tiles prior to the protective topcoat.
The product was designed to minimize the possibility of adhesion failure due to lack of penetration of the topcoat. Often the pigmented topcoats that are applied to concrete roof tiles during the restoration process are too high in viscosity and pigment volume concentration to enable the correct penetration of the material into the micro pores of the existing surface. The application of Tile Sealer will ensure long term adhesion of the topcoat at an extremely low investment cost.

Suitable Substrates:
Tile Sealer is used as the first coat sealer/binder for pressure washed concrete tiles or any powdery masonry surface requiring sealing.

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