Suntuff - Low Sheen
Suntuff - Low Sheen is a water based, 100% pure acrylic, protective and decorative coating that is formulated as non-splatter low sheen paint that is suitable for most exterior applications. It is a rapid
drying, high film strength material that exhibits good
early resistance to moisture. The formulation dries to a hard, yet flexible film that flows and settles to a smooth low sheen finish offering excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick-up.
The product will "breathe", adapting well to harsh freeze/thaw environment, exhibits superior film set properties at temperatures as low as 15°C and bonds tenaciously to most un-primed construction materials.
Suntuff - Low Sheen is principally designed as a premium trade exterior coating. It has had extensive
use in the maintenance painting industry on gutters, facias, pergolas, galvanised sheet and for the impact coating of acrylic textures. Suntuff - Low Sheen does
not contain any harmful solvents making it safe for continual spray or roll application.

Suitable Substrates:
Suntuff Low Sheen is principally used in new construction or in the maintenance painting industry as a high-grade protective paint for timber, gyprock, fibro, brick and galvanized metal.

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