Solaflex Tropic - Low Sheen
Solaflex Tropic - Low Sheen is a water based, 100% pure acrylic, protective coating, formulated as a highly durable topcoat for conditions of maximum U.V. exposure, especially in tropical environments.
Solaflex Tropic - Low Sheen was designed principally as a roofing topcoat specially formulated for the tropical areas of Northern Australia on applications requiring maximum durability, protection and temperature reduction. In addition, it has also had extensive use in the maintenance painting industry on gutters, facias, out-door garden furniture and galvanised sheet. Solaflex Tropic - Low Sheen does not contain any harmful solvents making it extremely safe for continual spray application.

Suitable Substrates:
Concrete Roofing Tiles.
Out-Door Garden Furniture.
Galvanised Sheet.

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