Solaflex - Low Sheen
Solaflex - Low Sheen is a modified acrylic emulsion, which has been formulated as a topcoat for aged concrete roofing tiles. The product is designed to prevent moisture accumulating between the substrate and the coating but will also ‘breathe’, adapting well to Australia’s harsh freeze-thaw environment.
The product was designed principally as a roofing topcoat but has also had extensive use in the main-
tenance painting industry on gutters, facias, out-door garden furniture and galvanised sheet. Solaflex - Low Sheen does not contain any harmful solvents making
it of low toxicity and extremely safe for continual
spray application.
Solaflex - Low Sheen is a non-flammable, low toxic topcoat that has been applied throughout Australia for over a decade. It’s continued use on over 100,000,000m2 of cement tiled roofing every year is testimony to its reliability and quality.

Suitable Substrates:
Concrete Roofing Tiles.
Out-Door Garden Furniture.
Galvanised Sheet.

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