Rus-traint is a penetrating, moisture displacing, rust encapsulating inhibitor; manufactured from a scientifically balanced blend of penetrating oils, rust inhibitors, oxygen and moisture resistant resins. When applied directly over rust, it will penetrate the finest pores and cavities in the rust, displacing the trapped moisture and encapsulating the rust as a pigment in the dry film. It converts rust into a micro-pore free, fully functional surface ready for painting.
The product dries to a tough isolating film anchored direct to the pure metal surface. It keeps oxygen and moisture out, sealing the rust and preventing under-film corrosion of fresh paintwork. Where the economics of todayís labour costs are extremely high, Rus-traintís micro-pore free finish will cost effectively conquer under film corrosion on metal substrates and will drastically increase the life expectancy of any paint system several times over.

Suitable Substrates:
Rus-traint is designed for use on new or corroded metal surfaces and will effectively solve corrosion on old metal roofing especially on the vertical and horizontal overlaps. It can be applied to vehicles for rust proofing, and will control rust prior to maintenance painting on earth moving equipment as well as high cost steel structures and vessels. Rus-traint can also be used for sealing and protecting timber prior to painting.

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