Rivett is a clear solvent based solution that offers outstanding sealing and binding powers when used during the restoration process of aged construction surfaces. In addition to its primary use, Rivett has also proved to be an effective first sealer/binder for chalky paint finishes, soft friable masonry walls and any substrate requiring new surface stability prior to the application of an aesthetic or protective finish.
The product was originally formulated as a binder for aged fibro asbestos roofing but can also be used for many other substrates in the Architectural and maintenance painting industries. Unlike paint, it does not form a surface film. The product is designed to penetrate the substrate, rather than coat it, and bind any loose surface particles to a hard finish prior to any topcoat application.

Suitable Substrates:
Rivett can be used for effective binding of weathered asbestos sheeting, chalky paint as well as crumbly unsound masonry roofs and walls. It is also suitable for waterproofing of timber boards, compressed sheeting and dense masonry.

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