Regel No.1 - Paint Stripper
Regel No.1 is an industrial strength paint stripper that will strip automotive, aircraft paints, two part epoxy, water based paints, vinyl acrylics, chlorinated rubbers, polyurethanes, elastomerics, oil & lead paints, and graffiti.
The product is supplied as a thick gel that clings extremely well to any surface including vertical walls and does not contain any acid based extenders. This means that Regel No.1 is non corrosive to metal surfaces, making it ideal for automotive applications. In addition, Regel No.1 will not cause unsightly etching on masonry surfaces that are continually treated for graffiti.

Suitable Substrates:
Regel No.1 is suitable for use on metal, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, cast iron, brick, fibro, stone & masonry, veneers, soft & hard wood, and compressed
or laminated boards.

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