Hydraseal is a 100% acrylic, hydrophobic waterproofing sealant that, once cured, provides a positive waterproof seal to masonry surfaces. Carefully graded washed silicas, cement, many product control additives and polyester reinforcing are dry blended to provide two separate components ready to mix on site.
The product is a two part mix comprising of one 15 litre tub of dry mix and one 15 litre tub of wet mix. The wet and dry mixes are combined at a 1:1 ratio on site prior
to application.
Where Hydraseal is to be used on surfaces that
are prone to cracking the product should be
reinforced with Deckweb or Sontara polyester matt
and taping membrane.

Suitable Substrates:
The use of this product on any surface other than
fresh, clean, well bounded concrete may require the
use of additional surface preparation and or sealant application. Contact Astec Paints Australasia’s technical staff for additional information.

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