Hydraplex is a two component 100% acrylic waterproof membrane coating. Part A is a 20 litre drum of Second Generation 100% Acrylic elastomer and Part B is a 4 litre drum of a dry blend materials that contains a combination of cement, hydrophobic materials and setting additives. The two components are mixed together on site producing an extremely fast cure elastic waterproof membrane.
The product can be applied by brush, spray or roller, however, care should be taken during spray application to ensure that the equipment is thoroughly washed out. Material left over night will cure and set in the machine, whether it is exposed to air or not.
As a derivative of Hydraseal, Hydraplex was developed to be more tolerant of the wide and diverse weather conditions faced by applicators during on site waterproofing applications.

Suitable Substrates:
The use of this product on any surface other than
fresh, clean, well bounded concrete may require the
use of additional surface preparation and or sealant application. Contact Astec Paints Australasia’s technical staff for additional information.

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