Gloss Enamel
Gloss Enamel is a premium, high solids maintenance enamel that provides a durable ultra gloss finish for both exterior and interior surfaces.
The product offers dry hiding power far in excess of many of the commercially available enamels. Its strong, dry film hide is achieved with specially surface treated opacifiers used at maximum concentrations during manufacture. The products outstanding opacity, allows
for a single coat applications to be achieved on many substrates that can substantially reduce both material and labour costs.
Gloss Enamel is manufactured principally for use in
the maintenance, restoration and new construction industries on such applications as steel ballistrading and hand rails, timber doors, window frames, exterior facias and interior skirtings. Or any surface requiring greater impact resistance than can be provided by water based acrylics. Although Gloss Enamel can be used as a stand alone product in many cases the product will require sealers or primers beneath it to provide correct
adhesion and or correct surface preparation techniques that are commonly necessary for some substrates prior
to any product application.

Suitable Substrates:

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