Epi-tec Primer
Epi-tec Primer is a two component BIS A EPOXY and POLYAMIDE water based epoxy primer designed for the sealing and priming of concrete surfaces. The product is supplied as a Part A and Part B, which are mixed at a 1:1 ratio just prior to application and can be applied to most correctly prepared concrete surfaces.
Epi-tec Primer is water-based and therefore, provides
a coating that is simple to mix, apply and clean up. Most importantly, the product provides the applicator with a
low odour environment during application.
The applied wet film of Epi-tec Primer flows and
levels extremely well. The product penetrates concrete surfaces and dries to provide a solid primed surface
ready for topcoat application. The cured film is tough and offers good resistance to most chemicals and hydrostatic water pressure. Epi-tec Primer exceeds the chemical resistance of conventional solvent based epoxy’s in
areas of solvent resistance.
Epi-tec Primer is suitable for use on new or correctly prepared existing concrete surfaces as a primer under products such as;
Water based Epoxy Topcoats.
Acrylic membranes and coatings.

Suitable Substrates:
Epi-tec Primer is suitable for use as a concrete primer under finish coat systems in areas such as;
Heavy Industrial flooring.
Commercial vehicle workshops.
Storage facilities.
Basement walls.
Manufacturing plants.
Food preparation areas.
Commercial laundries.
Food processing plants.

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