Dehydracrete - Patch
Dehydracrete Patch is a stringently formulated cement based render. Carefully graded washed silica’s, cement and a number of dry powder additives are blended to provide a uniform powder ready to mix on site. The powder additives incorporated during manufacture provide the applicator with a mortar paste that delivers excellent workability and ease in application.
The product is supplied in its dry form which and be mixed on site with Dehydracrete Part B and fresh clean water to viscosity. The subsequent mortar paste once laid and dry produces a hard pack substrate with minimal drying shrinkage. The cured mortar exhibits outstanding adhesion to most clean dry surfaces, is extremely hard wearing, chemical resistant and demonstrates strong impact resistance at films as low as 1mm.

Suitable Substrates:
Dehydracrete Patch is a specialty formulation
designed specifically for the applicator to simplify
straight off steel trowel repairs to imperfections in concrete floors and walls.

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