Dehydracrete - Part B
Dehydracrete Part B is a water based concrete additive developed specially for use in concrete and mortars as an internal plasticiser, adhesion promoter and as a strengthening agent. In addition, for newer applications in areas of two pack thin cement based wall renders for flushing single block wall constructions.
The product exhibits clear performance benefits over common PVA vinyl types of mortar additives, through its excellent resistance to hydrolysis, weathering and oils.

Suitable Substrates:
Dehydracrete Part B was designed to overcome adhesion problems.
As a result, cement mixes containing this additive are extremely useful for many applications including:
Preparation of very thin renderings of concrete
or mortar.
Restoration of concrete structures.
Repair of cracks, holes and damage in all cement
based materials.
Restoration of pre-cast concrete articles which have
been damaged during stripping of the moulds or
in subsequent handling.
Preparing joints in masonry & stoneware.
Setting and bedding of tie-braces and pipes in
masonry and concrete.
Setting of ceramic wall or floor tiles.
Two pack cement based coating systems.

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