Deckweb is an ideal reinforcement for elastomeric
liquid membranes as randomly orientated fibres provide the multi directional elongation that is necessary to accommodate all mechanical deck movement and elong-
ation of highly elastomeric membrane coatings.
The product is a spun bonded polyester mat overlayed with a multi directional polyester web. The polyester
web provides a structural rigidity to the material that
is normally only associated with weighty, cumbersome mats. The material provides a high tensile strength reinforcement that is simple to use with liquid membrane coatings. Composed of 100% continuous filament polyester, deckweb offers applicators a material with
very unique physical and chemical properties.

Suitable Substrates:
Deckweb is ideal for use on flat or curved surfaces
that are reasonably smooth and even. This is due to its outstanding ability to lay straight and remain wrinkle free when wet up during application. For irregular surfaces, Sontara may be more appropriate.

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