Cap Sealer
Cap Sealer is a pale blue, water-based acrylic composition specially formulated as a response to growing demand from the roof restoration industry. Many roof restorers throughout Australia have experienced minor project failures where coatings supplied by various manufacturers were used in the restoration process of aged concrete roof tiles. During this restoration process, ridge capping repairs are carried out on broken bedding mortar with a fresh “sand and cement” mix. Once repairs are complete the new protective topcoat is applied, often prematurely, exposing it to green uncured mortar, lime burn, high alkalinity and leaching salts. Over a period of time this exposure can cause unsightly white out of the colour pigmentation in the coating, especially when dark colours have been applied.
The product was designed principally as a white out barrier for topcoats to fresh cement repairs but has also found considerable use on concrete roof tiles that have lost their smooth factory finish from extreme weathering.
Cap Sealer has exhibited flawless performance in completely eliminating capping white out, ensuring lasting project success every time.

Suitable Substrates:
Cap Sealer is applied to concrete ridge capping to act as a barrier between fresh cement repairs and new protective topcoats.

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