CR Primer
CR Primer is a milky coloured, water based acrylic
Di-polymer solution that is used as the base primer for concrete repair mortars. After the removal of any decayed concrete, the cut back area is first primed with CR Primer and allowed to dry thoroughly before the subsequent repair mortar is applied to the affected area.
The product is a single component product that is supplied ready for use straight from the drum. The product can be applied by brush, spray or roller and all clean up can be done with water.

Suitable Substrates:
CR Primer is a specialty formulation consisting of various acrylic polymers and additives.
The product is designed to have the correct blend of substrate binding ability, level of softness and elasticity that is necessary to:
Penetrate, bind and condition the concrete surface.
Reduce excessive suction and therefore the rapid
loss of moisture from the new repair mortar.
Provide good inter-coat bond strength of the
new mortar.

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