Concrete Repair Foam
Concrete Repair Foam (CRF) is a hydrophobic polyurethane product, which has been designed to repair concrete and stop water loss and infiltration. The technology incorporates chemistry, which on contact with water reacts and expands to form a closed cell foam barrier, which does not allow water to penetrate or migrate through the layer.

Two formulations available:
Concrete Repair Foam Non Catalysed (CRF NC) is suitable for use where reaction times are not critical and the system can react and set between 10 to 20 minutes without jeopardising the seal integrity.
Concrete Repair Foam Catalysed (CRF C) is suitable for use where reaction times are critical and the system must react immediately to form a seal. This system is suitable for applications where water may be leaking. The quick reaction time does not allow the CRF to wash away under water flow or pressure.

Suitable Substrates:
CRF is suitable for all interior and exterior cracks or imperfections where watertight properties are required. Typical applications include:
Retaining Walls.
Car Park Decks.
Stormwater Drains.
Sewer Pipes.

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