Clear Glaze
Clear Glaze is a tough clear finish formulated from
pure highly refined grades of 100% acrylic resins. The rapid water resistance and early strength adhesion demonstrated by Clear Glaze provides applicators
with a clear exterior finish that is unequalled by any
other product.
In circumstances of uncertain weather, this product offers optimum confidence in application. It exhibits a
high level of resistance to fading and yellowing, both commonly associated with other similar clear products for exterior applications. Astec exterior clear technology has performed flawlessly for over two decades of exterior use, maintaining its sharp, clean, depth of lustre exposed in direct sunlight.
Clear Glaze has proven to be a highly popular and effective coating for weather unglazed clay tiles and for the over coating of low sheen protective finishes. After being subjected to rigorous test programs both in the laboratory and in the field, Clear Glaze has been proven as one of only few products that will perform with long-term confidence as a clear exterior finish. Its use is simplified through low toxicity, easy water clean up and ease of application by conventional spray, brush or roller.

Suitable Substrates:
Clear Glaze is used principally to reglaze low lustre unglazed clay and masonry substrates as well as both interior and exterior stained or unstained timber. It can also be used as an overcoat for flat finish industrial protective coatings.

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