Bathroom Tuff - Semi Gloss
Bathroom Tuff Semi-Gloss is a water based, 100%
pure acrylic, protective and decorative coating that is formulated as a mould resistant, non-spatter wall finish for bathrooms or any substrate exposed to conditions of high humidity, especially in tropical environments.
The product is a rapid drying material with high film strength that exhibits good early resistance to moisture. The formulation dries to a hard, yet flexible film that
flows and settles to a smooth semi-gloss finish offering excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick-up. It exhibits superior film set properties at temperatures
as low as 15°C, bonds tenaciously to most un-primed construction materials and will ‘breathe’, adapting well
to harsh freeze / thaw environments.

Suitable Substrates:
Bathroom Tuff Semi-Gloss is a specially formulated top coating designed principally for use in the tropic areas of Northern Australia and Singapore on maintenance applications requiring maximum resistance to mould growth. It has also had extensive use in the maintenance painting industry as a high grade protective paint for timber, fibro, brick and galvanised metal. It does not contain any harmful solvents making it safe for continual spray or interior roll-on application.

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