Barrier / Barrier Concentrate
Barrier is an industrial water based anti-mould solution specifically formulated for the maintenance painting and roof restoration industries. It is supplied as a ready to use solution available in 20L plastic drums or as a concentrate available in both 20 Litre plastic drums and 4 Litre plastic containers with a mixing ratio of 1:4 (Add 4 Litres of clean water to every 1 Litre of Barrier Concentrate).
The product can be used as an under film mould retardant, fungal and algicide wash. In climates where surface mould, algae and fungus are a problem, Barrier can be applied to most substrates to kill the growth. Barrier will maintain effective long term protection from regrowth dependant upon the volume of water that the surface is exposed to and the suitability of the environment for mould regrowth.

Suitable Substrates:
Most substrates in the roofing and sidewall
restoration industry where a premature breakdown of paint systems is evident due to the presence of fungal and mould contamination.

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