Armatex - Stippled Cream Roll OnMEDIUM TEXTURE COVER
Stippled Cream Roll On - MTC is a 100% acrylic, water reducible, texture paste that requires a topcoat for maximum performance. The product is formulated to provide a ready to use material that can
be roll applied straight from the drum to a suitably prepared vertical wall.
The final result is a unique, non-granular textured
finish with a uniform stippled profile that adds an architec-
turally pleasing appeal to any masonry structure. The applied finish has a sharp stippled profile with a profile depth of approximately 2-4mm and is most popular as
an economical finish for the underside of balconies
and internal precast concrete soffits, (ceilings), in
multi-storey construction.
Common to all Armatex finishes are carefully graded washed and dried sands that are blended with Astec second generation acrylics to form a flexible product that is extremely well bound and will not crumble even when
it is rolled to a fine edge.
Armatex provides a strongly adhered film with outstanding exterior durability.

Suitable Substrates:
Armatex Stippled Cream is suitable for application to smooth surfaces such as F.C. Sheeting, Plaster Board, Villa
Board, Off Form Concrete, smooth cement render and masonry substrates.

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