Armatex - R-40 Roll On
R-40 ROLL ON is a very low profile texture that will cover medium surface imperfection and has a
very even look that is very similar to a render finish. It is excellent to apply and is a very cost effective texture due to its low profile and high coverage rate.

ARMATEX R-40 HIGH FLEX ROLL ON is another roll on texture that has very good flexibly, allowing very high film thicknesses and texture profiles. It is excellent for single coat systems that are required to cover existing paint defects on the substrate and has low temperature flexibility down to -20°C.
However, if crack bridging properties are required,
it must be topcoated with EC-2000.
Alternatively, R-40 High Flex Roll On" could be substituted with "EC-2000 High Build" providing an all in one elastic texture system with a similar build.

Suitable Substrates:
Armatex R-40 has been very popular for use over tilt up concrete, cement sheet and other similar flat surfaces.

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