Armatex - Aggra Seal
Aggraseal is a 100% acrylic, aggregate filled water reducible sealer and “dash coat” supplied ready for use straight from the drum.
The product is applied by roller or brush and is suitable for application to most correctly prepared mineral based construction surfaces such as HardiTex®, flush jointed block work, Hebel® and racked brick. Including, well adhered “gloss free” painted surfaces.
The product is principally used on HardiTex® to seal
the board, reduce suction and provide a non skid surface. The non skid surface aids in the application of the 1mm acrylic skim coat that is required across the entire project to feather pre-filled panel jointing and nailing points before the application of an acrylic texture.

Suitable Substrates:
Aggraseal is designed for the sealing of powdery mineral constructions surfaces and boards and to provide an anti-skate surface during skim coat on HardiTex®.

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