Aquaplex - Wet Area Waterproof Membrane
Aquaplex is a single component polyurethane
modified acrylic waterproofing membrane. The cured film forms a one-piece waterproof skin that is formed in situ. The film is very flexible, highly elastic, is yellow in colour and will not bleed through and stain porous overlaid materials such as, marble or natural stone. The cured membrane is overlaid with ceramic or clay tiles, slate, stone and or many other hard wearing floor surfaces or UV stable membranes.
Aquaplex is a high solid, low V.O.C. formulation that contains no harmful solvents making it low in ordure and safe for applicators during internal wet area application.

Suitable Substrates:
Correctly prepared new and aged plaster, cement based skim coats, renders, precast concrete, timber,
fibro and paper faced boards.
Waterproofing internal wet areas including shower
recess bases (membrane forms a shower tray) and
associated floors & walls. As a base membrane for
balconies and roof decks, prior to top-coating.
The membrane can be used to waterproof concrete,
cement render, brick & block work, fibre reinforced
cement sheeting, water resistant plaster board and
plywood or particle board flooring.

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